This was the first year that Emerging Trends made their debut in New York City during NYFW 2014 and they certainly did not disappoint. Emerging Trends brought a nice collection of elegance and edginess to the runway. The participating international designers definitely put their vision and inspiration on display for the audience. Overall, the show was a success and delivered an incredible collection of up-and-coming designers who brought a vision of what to expect for the coming season. Click Here to learn about the designers and to follow Emerging Trends.

_MG_8032 _MG_8049 _MG_8065 _MG_8074 _MG_8092 _MG_8097 _MG_8120 _MG_8128 _MG_8135 _MG_7795 _MG_7804 _MG_7809 _MG_7811 _MG_7831 _MG_8217 _MG_8229 _MG_8231 _MG_8245 _MG_8255 _MG_8279 _MG_8286 _MG_8309 _MG_7887 _MG_7910 _MG_7916 _MG_7932 _MG_7957 _MG_7976 _MG_8004

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