Over the weekend, Bryan Greenberg held his 4th Annual Olevolos Project held at the Gallow Green in NYC. The Fundraiser Brunch had vibrant music, sponsors, celebrities and other attendees supporting the cause. Proceeds from the event benefit The Olevolos Project and support the educational needs of disadvantaged and orphaned students from the Olevolos Village of Tanzania. With the assistance and support of Microsoft, the Title Sponsor again this year the Olevolos Project have confirmed they are able to school 21 children for another year.

The Olevolos Project is a 501c3 organization that provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people in Tanzania. Funds raised from the 2015 Benefit Brunch will go towards The Olevolos Project’s Scholarship Program. For more information on The Olevolos Project, please visit www.theolevolosproject.org.

Greenberg’s first trip to Tanzania was in 2010, when he was on a safari but saw how some of the kids were living. He then returned in January of 2015 to meet students affiliated with The Olevolos Project and see the results of his philanthropic efforts. After his visit, Greenberg said “The progress these children are making at school is unbelievable and beyond inspiring. I can testify that the money we are raising has a direct effect on these children and their community. I am reinvigorated more than ever to continue supporting Olevolos.”

Dory Gannes, Bryan’s cousin, founded Olevolos in 2007 after spending a summer teaching English in Tanzania. “I built the first three chicken coops and realized they were nicer than the homes where the kids were living or the schools they were attending,” Gannes states. Today, Olevolos supports 21 children between the ages of 6 and 21, nearly all of whom are orphans. The scholarship program provides kids with a chance to go to a private school and cover other unmet needs.  “Funds raised from this event enable Olevolos to keep providing scholarships to students like Abigael, who is now enrolled in an excellent school with caring teachers and has the extra support she deserves (clothing, bedding and nutritious food).”

Supporters IncludeBryan Greenberg joined by Jamie Chung, Dory Gannes (Founder of Olevolos Project), James Lafferty, Andrew Rannells, Eddie K Thomas, Julie Henderson, Andreja Pejic, Lane Lindell, Michaela Conlin, Hannah Bronfman, Brendan Fallis, Josh Pias, Jarah Mariano, Mack Kuhr, Kyla Gray, Lena Egeli, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Zaina Gohou, Laura Gomez, Serina Swan, Erika Williams, Jonathan Azu, Matt Levine, Kelly Brady, Rabia Ahmad, Alexis Nataf, Andrea Szempruch.

You can learn more at http://theolevolosproject.org

Photo Credit by: Evan Daniels

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