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This past weekend was my first time making a trip to the beautiful Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. I was anxious and filled with excitement when heading to the airport early Friday morning. I didn’t know much about Dominican Republic except from what my friends have told me from their experience and doing research on google.

After a long a day of traveling, finally arrived to the beautiful Breathless Resort in Punta Cana. I was immediately treated with hospitality by serving a complimentary glass of purple colored champagne.

After I dropped off my suitcase, I decided take a walk around the resort. As soon as I left my room, I was intrigued by the loud music being played in the center of the resort. As I got closer to the music, I noticed there was a large group of people partying by the infinity pool. The party was live and filled with foam just like the picture below.

Photo by: Wine and Spirits Travel

Of course, I joined the party by having myself several amazing cocktails served at the pool bar for a few hours while laying out in the sun. It truly felt as if you were at a spring break party without the young college students. The party was made up of mostly an older crowd that most likely made the trip to attend a wedding.

After having enough drinks, I decided to grab food at the buffet by the beach. The beach itself was about approximately 40-50 yards away. They served your typical american meals such as fried chicken, tacos, burgers, fries, pizza, and fruit.

I took a walk on the beach once I finished my meal. It was absolutely beautiful walking on the white sand and looking out towards the turquoise water. As I got closer to the water, I realized the water was pretty clear and looked so majestic.

Long walk on the beach wearing a demin style button up, v-neck shirt, pink boardshort with ice cream patterns, and camo colored slip-on.

At night, I decided to watch a show that was being put on by the resort. The first show was a cover band that placed mostly American songs. Then it was followed up by a sensuality show which performed a choreographed routine wear exotic costumes for a large crowd. After the amazing performances, I decided to check out the nightclub in the breathless hotel. The club had a DJ that played a mix of American and Hispanic songs that pleased the crowd. The best part of the nightclub was their outdoor section. The outside had an incredible view of the resort with white lounges to sit on.

After a couple of days of doing a full body massage, doing water activities like snorkeling, and jet-skiing, it was time for me to head back home. Overall, I couldn’t ask for a better time and an experience I’ll never forget. My advise to anyone who is interested in making a trip to Punta Cana is put Breathless Hotel on their list of places to stay. You won’t regret it.




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