Olga Papkovitch unveiled her PopImpressKA Fall/Winter ’16 Collection last night at Style Fashion Week at Gotham Hall, New York. The classy, elegant and fiercely spirited collection, pulsating with rich colors brought warmth to a cold New York Winter’s night. PopImpressKA’s new collection ‘Fields of Color’ consisted of Olga’s paintings printed onto silk fabric, creating a walking canvas with nature inspired art vogue. With silk fabrics gliding down the runway, her collection presented sophistication and grace. The bustling crowd was simply captivated by the mesmerizing designs and colors.

Malena Belafonte, Lead Model Coordinator of Style Fashion Week and guest model in the PopImpressKa show said, “When I met Olga from PopImpressKA, I was taken by her eagerness to learn and listen. She is an artist, an amazing artist and she is so incredibly kind!” Olga brought her personality to the runway with equal parts artistry and grace. With a vibrant runway and full crowd, PopImpressKa did not disappoint.


Posted by Up Close With Sam

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