ATTENDED:   Hosts Helena Christensen & Jennifer Elster, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Courtney Love, Jules Wood, Karen Erickson of Erickson Beamon, Luz Wang, Mandie Erickson, Michael Stipe of REM, Mitja Bokun, Rosie Perez, Shalita Grant, Tara Subkoff, Whitney Mercurio

WHAT:      Last night, supermodel and philanthropist Helena Christensen, along with filmmaker & designer Jennifer  Elster, hosted a who’s who of celebrities at an exclusive event for Reserved Magazine’s Issue 3 Launch x J. Elster Pop-Up Store Opening, in Tribeca. Guests included Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Rosie Perez, Courtney Love, Michael Stipe of REM, a visibly pregnant Tara Subkoff, Karen Erickson of Erickson Beamon, super publicist Mandie Erickson, rapper Luz Wang, and Actress Shalita Grant.

Guests including Martin, Love, and Perez were treated an interactive atmosphere that included photo prints by Helena Christensen for Reserved Magazine, a J. Elster performance piece entitled Gender Execusion, whilst films by Elster featuring Terrence Howard and Yoko Ono were projected. Guests were also immersed in an untamed display of J.Ester’s art & sculptural accessories, with models in full leather masks and regalia. Original Helena Christensen prints were available for purchase, with all proceeds benefitting The J.Elster Pop Up Store also officially opens today, March 16th, 2016.


Chris Martin & Luz Wang


Jennifer Elster x Helena Christensen


“Gender Execusion” by Jennifer Elster

About Reserved Magazine:
RESERVED the magazine for some people. The ether, once an elegant, shall we say, ethereal space is now jammed with less than high-quality content at best. At its worst…we’ll leave that subject alone. Well, as the guy in the movie said:  “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!” So, we’re going to do something about it. We are engaged in a quest to find intellectually thirsty, uber-creative people as both readers and contributors. Think of us as a digital Algonquin Round Table, a gathering place for the brilliant, neurotic, driven, neurotic, interesting, and of course, neurotic – but in a funny interesting way.

Born in winter 2013, friends and collaborators Whitney Mercurio, creative director, couture fashion illustrator Mitja Bokun, fashion stylist Jules Wood and book producer, NPR commentator and humorist, Jim Downey, decided they had a lot to offer creative enthusiasts and the generally curious. Magazines on art and culture garner a lot of attention these days.

RESERVED’s approach is just atypical, quirky and smart enough to cause a stir in the industry. Boutique in nature, RESERVED caters to the needs of those interested in an unconventional source for creative awareness featuring diverse talent from every corner of the globe. We dig people with a lot of bandwidth. Our aim is to disseminate quality content on visual arts, film, fashion, photography, music, writing, design and anything and everything else that we and our readers fancy, that’s just the baseline. We won’t adhere to any specific standard or format. Our kryptonite is boredom. We stand alert, scanning the horizon for creatives looking to collaborate, contribute and share their work, be it visual, literary, gastronomical, or musical. But it better be interesting!

About J. Elster Pop Up Gallery & Store: Art, Film, and Fashion:
Jennifer Elster is an American experimentalist, thinker, filmmaker, writer, photographer, performer, designer and founder of The Development – a private, underground, multi-faceted studio based in New York City where expansiveness is the currency.

Having spent the last ten years working underground, Elster has galvanized a veritable feast of artists, such as Yoko Ono, Terrence Howard and Alan Cumming, who have participated in her unusual films marked by her peculiar filmmaking. While editing, Elster created The Pouch Collection, thus introducing a new way to wear a bag; in compartments.  She then began sculpting raw luxury accessories. Unfinished edges, jagged lines, and unexpected cuts are signature elements in J. ELSTER’s original philosophy of design.

J. Elster is located at 75 Leonard Street in TriBeCa, NYC.  The doors will officially open on March 16th. Films, art, and pieces from the J. Elster bag and accessories collection will make up this unique space, that will surely be as thought-provoking and unusual as her work.

The J. Elster gallery exhibition “The Retrospective of an Extroverted Recluse” will open April 6th.


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