#NYFW Diobox at New York Fashion Week

#NYFW Diobox at New York Fashion Week


On September 7, Fashion Week will take over New York City as fashion influencers from around the globe gather to see the newest collections of hundreds of runway shows and presentations.

Now in its 10th season, Fashion Week Online (fashionweekonline.com) has been providing the complete fashion landscape by consolidating runway shows, designers, stylists, models, and fashion influencers, into one portal. It is considered the #1 hub for fashion week events in New York,London, Milan, and Paris, providing up-to-the-minute editorial content, live streams, and shopping.

Diobox (diobox.com) is an all-in-one events platform with iPhone and iPad apps, that makes the often exhausting and logistically daunting process of putting on a live show vastly simplified.

For September 2016, Fashion Week Online and Diobox have partnered together to bridge the gap between industry professionals, influencers, and consumers, by providing an affordable event organization platform to handle invitations and attendee management.

In addition, Diobox and Fashion Week Online will provide a 15% discount for all subscription plans during New York Fashion Week.

How Diobox Simplifies Producers’ Lives

Diobox simplifies the event management process by providing access to 5 core functionalities in a single product. Having access to these tools help with reducing data fragmentation and eliminating the use of multiple products for hosting an event:

1. Guest list management with a built-in CRM for tracking guest history
2. Emails invitation sending with real-time delivery status
3. Private RSVP pages uniquely linked for each attendee
4. Tables and seating assignment with support for waitlists
5. Check-in and door operations with support for plus-ones

To further simply the event management process for the fashion industry, Diobox has created a new section on its website dedicated for helping manage runway shows, after-parties and retail events.

Producers can receive their 15% discount, and get steps for success, here:


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