The exhibition opens on November 17 in the IdeoBox Space Wynwood

Miami, Florida – September 2016 – The SaludArte Foundation and IdeoBox Artspace welcome renowned Venezuelan artist Magdalena Fernández, who comes to Miami to close the cycle of exhibitions Arquitecturas del Desarraigo con Climas. This interactive exhibition is an exploration done through various media such as video, installations, sculptures, drawings and other graphic works. The inauguration will take place next November 17 in IdeoBox (2417 North Miami Avenue) and will be available until January 17, 2017, including Miami Art Week.

Magdalena Fernández’s work is characterized by the merger of two major philosophies. The first based on the formal aspect that links the space with their geometric and structural qualities and its historical development in modern art. The second contextual aspect has to do with nature and its effects on the spirit of human beings. Fernandez’s installations require viewers to immerse themselves in  a world composed of sounds, technology, lights and images inspired by nature. For Climas, Fernandez presents “1i0011” a character instalation  “site-specific” to occupy IdeoBox which together with drawings and mobile paintings provoke dialogue between the social norms governing perception between natural and artificial landscapes. “My job allows me to reflect on the infinite links that encounter between nature and forms, and abstract art and its expressions,” explained Magdalena Fernández, “to be part of this cycle, allows me to land this idea to a plane that links with the urban and architectural changes of the city. “

Directed by renowned Spanish curator Roc Laseca; Arquitecturas del Desarraigo is the first continuous cycle presented in Miami. From its beginning, its goal has been to enable the continuous flow of lectures, appearances, meetings and debates on various urban issues and the need to create critical awareness and education about them. The cycle also encouraged discussion of the topographical and architectural evolution of the city through the specific look of visual artists. For its practicality, Arquitecturas del Desarraigo has had in-situ workshops and collaborations with the University of Miami, University of Los Andes (Colombia), National Museum of England, as well as the galleries representing all guest artists.

“During these three years of this cycle, the commissions to Carlos Garaicoa, Juan Fernando Herran, Marcius Galan, Andrés Michelena, Ana Mazzei and Lydia Okumura allowed the public and communities in South Florida to get close to this global discussion and open avenues to debates and discussions on the urban future fabric of the city of Miami,” commented curator and director of Arquitecturas del Desarraigo Roc Laseca, ” to close this cycle with the first interactive installation of Magdalena Fernandez in Miami is to focus on the relationships between the creation of new social climates and the pre-established urbanistic proyect of the city. “

Climas will be open from 17 November 2016 to 17 January 2017 in IdeoBox, which is also the headquarters of the Saludarte Foundation in Miami. For more information on the exhibit, regular hours and hours during Miami Art Week, visit

About Magdalena Fernández

Venezuelan artist born in 1964. In 1982, she studied Graphic Arts at the University of Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Between 1983 and 1984, she attended the Catholic University Andres Bello, UCAB, where she studied education, physical and mathematical mention. In 1985, she joined the Neumann Institute of Caracas, where she graduated as a graphic designer in 1989. In 1990, she began to attend the Scuola Bottega of A.G. Fronzoni in Milan, Italy, where she took courses of Inscape and Graphic Design until 1993. From 1990 to 2000, she worked as a freelance graphic designer in Italy. In 2001, she taught workshops titled Aproximacion al Espacio in the University Institute of Higher Studies in Arts Armando Reveron -IUESAPAR, Caracas, Venezuela, where she also served between 2002 and 2004 as a teacher in Practice and Evaluation of the Contemporary Visual Represetation Systems at the Neumann Institute in Caracas, where he graduated as a graphic designer in 1989.


About SaludArte

The SaludArte Foundation was founded by Mrs. Tanya Capriles Brillembourg in 2003. The main objective of the foundation is to design and implement extensive educational, cultural and social development that facilitate inclusive artistic processes, promote positive social change and integration programs for people with special capabilities. The SaludArte Foundation works tirelessly to attract new audiences and increase participants in the fields of visual and performing arts. Today, the foundation is based in Wynwood, and has consolidated these initiatives in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela with plans to settle in other Latin American countries.

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