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Miami, Florida – The SaludArte Foundation is pleased to present the Global South: Visions and Revisions, a new art exhibition that will be held at Mana Wynwood. Visions and Revisions, from the Brillembourg Capriles Collection, will be exhibited parallel to Pinta Miami from November 30th to December 4th, and in the context of Art Basel Miami Beach.

True to its mission of recovering lost chapters and little-studied art history, the exhibition builds a dialogue on geometric abstraction in both Latin America and Ibero-America and breaks chronological linearity, bringing together works of different times and generating new approaches to the way its story has been told in the Global North. A group of works will be displayed through performances with music and dance collective Lisarco of Spain, inviting participative interaction and demonstrating the art, philosophy and mission of the SaludArte Foundation, which is to facilitate and promote artistic processes for all persons without boundaries or limitations of any kind.

“One of the objectives of the collection is to transform perception thresholds and interdisciplinary vision of art as a gateway to the social and personal development of the human being,” said Tanya Brillembourg Capriles.

Gary Tinterow, director of the Museum of Fine Art, Houston, stated “The Brillembourg Capriles collection spans the breadth and richness of artistic expression of Latin American teachers throughout the twentieth century. Many of them have rarely been seen in the United States and we have a unique opportunity to see several masterpieces in a single exposure.” This Statement of Gary Tinterow’s was made during the inauguration of Intersecting Modernities in 2013 and can be repeated and amplified in the curatorial proposal. The Global South will also show the work of pioneers forgotten or just recently rescued as well as contemporary artists of this century that explore new ways related to the social content of geometric abstraction.

The curatorial proposal is divided into three sections organized to generate new visions: South-versions (subversions) of the grid, “Utometrías,” and Cosmic Game. The exhibition includes foundational pieces of work by artists such as Victor Vassarely of the 50’s as well as works by masters such as Carmelo Arden Quin, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Jesus Soto, Lidy Pratti, Alejandro Otero, Raul Lozza, Gyula Kosice, Luis Tomasello, Thomas Maldonado, Carlos Rojas, Sandú Darié and Loló Soldevilla, in addition to works by contemporary artists such as Elena Asins, Eduardo Costa, Eugenio Espinoza, Elias Crespin, Vik Muniz, Liliana Porter, Peter Croft, Nicolas Robbio and Johanna Calle among others. It also includes pieces of non-Latin American artists such as William Kentridge, Richard Serra, and Anthony Caro and Anish Kapoor. Among the recently rescued from oblivion are pioneers such as Uruguayan artist Maria Freire and Spanish artist Manuel Calvo. The dialogues that take place between these artists explore topics such as new forms of modernism -reapropiado and deconstruido- in conceptual geometric explorations.

The Global South: Visions and Revisions is an invitation to rethink moments in the history of Latin American Art from multiple points of view, creating new relationships and understanding while participating in the process of revealing to the world the contribution and continuity of our artistic heritage.

The curators of Global South are Adriana Herrera and Adolfo Wilson. Herrera is an art critic and curator born in Colombia. She earned her Ph.D. with an interdisciplinary dissertation on the relationship between art and literature. She is a co-founder of Aluna Art Foundation and the curatorial collective of the same name. She has curated several projects in cities around the world and published numerous essays for catalogs and books. Adolfo Wilson is a Venezuelan curator and critic with extensive experience. For one decade he was the curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofia Imber. He has curated several exhibitions in America and Europe and is the author of many publications.

The exhibition will take place at MANA Wynwood, located at 2217 nw 5 Avenue. The exhibition will be open from November 30th until December 4th and is open from 12 pm to 8 pm. Admission is free for visitors. For more information on the Global South: Visions and Revisions, visit

About SaludArte Foundation

The SaludArte Foundation was created in 2003 in the city of Miami by Tanya Capriles Brillembourg, with the purpose to connect the Arts and Health for the benefit of children and youth from low-income backgrounds. The main objective of SaludArte is to design and implement extensive educational, cultural, and social development programs that facilitate inclusive artistic processes, promote positive social change, and integration for people with diverse abilities. Through its programs, the SaludArte Foundation works tirelessly to attract and increase new audiences and participants in the fields of visual and performing arts in USA, Spain, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, consolidating its work through the arts as a tool for social transformation.

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