Max Azria, fashion icon and designer, has joined ZappLight and its parent company Clean Concept LLC as CEO and partner. Clean Concept is the company that developed ZappLight – the world’s first 2-in-1 LED light bulb and bug zapper. As CEO, Azria will lend his decades of expertise in building business empires, as well as his skills in global distribution, supply chain, product development and retail partnerships to further accelerate ZappLight’s growth into global markets.

“Though fashion and technology are inherently different, they increasingly intersect as both are centered on pushing the boundaries of great design and in inspiring and delighting consumers. I am thrilled to be part of this new and exciting venture to grow ZappLight into a global brand, adopted in homes everywhere to prevent virus-carrying insects,” said Max Azria, ZappLight CEO.

Max Azria is a business visionary and has brought incredible momentum to our company. We are excited to have him lead our mission of having ZappLight in every home to protect families against deadly mosquitoes,” said Paul Van Kleef, ZappLight CMO.

“As a savvy businessman, Max has made the transition from fashion to technology seamless. A seasoned business leader with a track record for success, we are confident that he will propel ZappLight into a leading international brand used in homes around the globe,” stated Van Kleef.

Entrepreneurs Paul Van Kleef and Robert McFarlane founded Clean Concept LLC and ZappLight in February of 2016. Van Kleef is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer and McFarlane is the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

ZappLight and Clean Concept’s U.S. headquarters is located in Los Angeles, Calif. The company maintains a fully staffed office in Shanghai, China, as well as a factory in China. Since the company’s formation, several million ZappLight units have been sold in over two-dozen countries and ZappLight distributors include Telebrands, Walmart, Walgreens and Home Depot. For more information on ZappLight, please visit: www.myzapplight.com.

Adrienne Lenhoff, president of Shazaaam! PR has been tapped to handle the company’s public relations initiatives.

SOURCE ZappLight

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