New stylish swimwear garments for the Summer

Gottex Swimwear’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is now available at UKSwimwear. Retailers and reviewers alike have praised this range. This is due to its use of colours, patterning and motifs from older sources of style.

2017 has seen many designers release vintage ranges, this has been popular throughout the 2010s. Taking inspiration from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

One range that has received praise is Gottex Versailles. This range is noteworthy as it uses elements from the palace of Versailles in France. This is an ornate choice for a swimwear designer and is unusual, as it uses a source that is older than a century.

Oahu is another collection that has been popular with customers. It features elements common in both indigenous Hawaiian designs and Colonial British architecture.

The swimwear industry has seen many designers using elements from the 20th Century. But it is unusual to use a motif that would feature in pre-industrial age design.

In the 2010s, psychedelic art from the 1960s has been a core design point for fashion swimwear. Sports swimwear has long been taking its cue from popular 1980s fashion. Gottex has used these designs also. But they have diversified their collection with the use of historical source materials.

Gottex is notable among peers for its quality swimwear and creativity. This is easy to see in their previous collections. To create a realistic collection in the last season, Gottex decided against prints. Instead, they created three dimensional effects using layered materials. This included using layered lace and imprinted felt.

This is the same strategy for their retro collections. They are choosing to go further than an ordinary designer would. This has given them the reputation that they enjoy today and they deserve it. If any woman wants a design that goes the extra mile, the 2017 Spring/Summer collection from Gottex is ideal.


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