Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week


During the Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week S/S 2018 Collection,Ma Yanli, designer and owner of the Maryma brand, staged her latest “Yun show – Shangri-La  – Maryma” collection of works on November 5. The event was held in Beijing from October 29 to November 7.

After 2016, embracing the Yi elements and staging “Millennium Yi embroidery”, this year Ma Yanli brought to life a haute couture collection with the theme “Yun show”. To express her beautiful memories of and deep awe to Yunnan’s rich and colorful national culture, Ma Yanli has combined the great Shangri-La’s multi-ethnic culture with international fashion elements. She wishes to spread the traditional culture and national spirit to more places through this fashion show.

Ma Yanli’s creation work lasted for one year. She has visited Diqing, Yunnan four times, with her footprints all over the great Shangri-La. She appreciated the Meili Snow Mountain, Pudatsha, Tiger Leaping Gorge, the ancient city of grams and other natural scenerieslinked with the people of the Tibetan, the Lisu, the Naxi, the Yi, the Pumi and other ethnic groups.

In this year’s collection, Ma Yanli has also taken a philosophic approach to subtly hide the rigorous form of haute couture behind the natural and harmonious colors. Through abstractive fabric and style, the collection brings together a vibrant modern fashion line that carries a fresh tone of traditional culture. The rich colors and artistic texture used in this modern and tradition crossover interpret the fond memories of and profound love for nature. It also represents unlimited possibilities in the creation of clothing design art and its potential of going global.

While the “Yun show – Shangri-La – Maryma” S/S 2018 haute couture fashion show has come to an end, the work of Ma Yanli and the Maryma creative team have shown visitors a wonderful story with visual feasts.

SOURCE Maryma Haute Couture

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