Colombia is positioned as a designer factory in Latin America. Is a country where the sophistication and luxury are shown through the innovation of its fashion companies. With ideas inspired in the tropic, targeted to luxury consumers, Colombia arrives to the Miami Fashion Week 2018. Five designers with great international recognition: Daniella Batlle, Lina Cantillo, Carolina Estefan, Goretty Medina and Divina Castidad will attend the event, one of the most representative fashion platforms between American and Latin American culture.

With the slogan ‘Colombia is the best kept secret in the Americas’, the participation in the event is organized by ProColombia, the Colombian government entity that promotes non-mining exports, tourism and investment. “Colombian design mixes great creativity inspired by the country’s biodiversity with the utmost respect for natural resources and the support for vulnerable communities. “That’s why we consider our fashion industry a jewel worthy of attention,” assured Felipe Jaramillo, ProColombia’s president.

The Miami Fashion Week is a great opportunity for positioning Colombia as the fashion provider for the United Statesand Latin America.  The United States is already a key destination for Colombia’s fashion industry exports. In 2017, Colombia exported US$286.4 million to this market leveraging the benefits of the FTA between both countries. Nowadays, Colombian clothing and manufacturing inputs reach more than 100 destinations around the globe.

Colombian industry characteristics:

Colombia has a 100-year-old tradition and expertise in fashion development, reason why is a Latin American leader in the bathing suits category. Is the third biggest world exporter of control clothing and the fifth textile and inputs exporter of South America. Fabric production with smart technologies with added values as UV protection, skin moisturizer and anti-humidity, are some of the examples of the country’s portfolio. Besides, Colombian enterprises can adapt to client’s needs such as minimum flexible production and competitive delivery schedules.

ProColombia, The Colombian Government Trade Bureau

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