FRANKLIN EUGENE STAR CONFIRMED is a Spring/Summer 2019 Men’s Wear Collection inspired by and a celebration of possibility.

LIGHT, AIRY, BREEZY, BOLD, STRONG, and COMFORTABLE are just a few words that aptly describe this must-have and well-tailored clothing.

The collection commences with Franklin Eugene Fury, a stunning multi color blazer, and quickly segues to several light and breezy shirts in black and white before making a bold return to color with a nod to WAKANDA. The presentation smoothly shifts gears to several audacious teal and black installations.  Next, we have a FRANKLIN EUGENEhomecoming of sorts with an abundance of ultra clean black and white colorless silhouettes that magnificently channel the clean lines and affect that remain hallmarks of the brand. This part of the range introduces us to the bright and shinning FRANKLIN EUGENE STAR CONFIRMED SHIRT, a truly pioneering and iconic FRANKLIN EUGENE DESIGN.  This design also serves as a transition piece and is used in the succeeding silhouette to introduce the world to fantastic three tone silk fabric (black, grey, and beige) that Mr. Eugene sourced in the Far East.  This portion of the range is as chic as it is elegant and gives us a touch of 1950’s nostalgia with one of the installations showcasing a well cut, wide leg trouser. This stage of the presentation ushers us to the pinnacle of the range, a classic Franklin Eugene one button suit accented with his trademark eight button arm cuff.




“Any one who knows me knows that I love giving life to the Spring/Summer collections.  Whether you are on the cutting edge of fashion or prefer the classics, there is something for you in this collection as we roll in to Summer, proclaimed Mr. Eugene.”

Franklin Eugene International is a global design company and worldwide aspirational lifestyle platform that produces transformative experiences through men’s alta moda (bespoke/haute couture), men’s and women’s Italian leather accessories, men’s luxury and ready-to-wear, a select offering of high street clothing, and global humanitarian endeavor. Last year, LUX magazine awarded Franklin Eugene International LLC the Leading Pioneer in Fashion Design 2017 – Italy Award in the 2017 LUX Global Excellence Awards.




Franklin Eugene International LLC

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