Daisy Paige - The first 100% computer generated female model to sign to a major international agency (PRNewsfoto/Spark CGi)

                                                 Daisy Paige


A Los Angeles based tech startup, Spark CGi is claiming a World First with the first 100% computer generated female model to sign to a major international agency.

The ‘model’ is Spark CGi’s latest pixel and polygon creation; a self-assured, freckled-faced nineteen year old named Daisy Paige. She’s exclusively signed to Lipps LA, a digitally focused celebrity, influencer and model agency, who will position and market her alongside major celebrities and talent from the world of music and fashion who Lipps LA also represent.

Scott Lipps, President and Founder of Lipps LA is bullish for the future of CGI models and plans to represent more virtual humans like Daisy in the not too distant future. He commented;

“We are super excited to partner with Spark CGi and be one of the first to merge tech and fashion in the digital space, representing digital CGI models. We are just scratching the surface with this technology and we’re psyched for what’s to come.”

Spark CGi, is a tech startup run by a small team of industry-leading experts from the world of 3D Design and Social Media Marketing. The Company is unique, as it not only creates life-like human models, virtual influencers and cartoon-style characters, it also has the in-house ability to leverage a select network of human influencers with a collective reach of over one hundred million followers worldwide.

This direct pipeline to Millennials and GenZ audiences is proving extremely attractive to major brands and organizations wishing to reach out to this highly lucrative market sector using their own custom characters.

Charlie Buffin, one of the co-founders of Spark CGi, is confident of the Company’s unique proposition;

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest we’re getting from a variety of big brands & market leaders aiming to breathe new life into their existing mascots and characters and make them relevant to this new and exciting market. Many are also looking to jump into the space and launch new characters but are discovering that GenZ is notoriously difficult to reach, but our combination of influencer marketing experience coupled with our in-house design team is creating a massive gateway into this valuable market sector”

Whilst many will view Daisy Paige as possibly just another Lil Miquela clone, Spark CGi is quick to point out the difference. Daisy is 100% computer generated, even her clothing, whereas the latter more usually takes the form of a CGI head superimposed on an actual human model wearing real clothing. A difference which, as Spark CGi claims, allows their creations to have far more flexibility and marketing possibilities than that which could be achieved using a hybrid, half-human, half-CGI character.

Spark CGi’s Lead Artist and Designer, Phillip Jay, believes the deal with Lipps LA opens up new and exciting opportunities for fashion and brand marketing using purely computer generated people;

“We’re moving into a new era where Artificial Intelligence and CGI characters will co-exist with humans in many traditional roles including acting, modeling, presenting and influencing. There’s so many opportunities for the ‘people’ we’re creating, we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of this technology. We’ve got some really exciting new developments happening right now at Spark CGi so we anticipate 2020 to be the year when the Virtual Human will finally come of age.”



Spark CGi

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